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Lifetabs Teams Up with Leading Public Safety Distributor Streicher's, Inc.
Pequannock, NJ - Lifetabs, officer created manufacturer of single use door tabs enhancing first responder safety, is proud to announce that Streicher's, Inc., a leading public safety and police equipment distributor, has joined them as an exclusive distributor for the law enforcement community. Life Tabs is excited.... Read the full press release- Click here.

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Some Key Lifetabs Features:

  • Sticks securely in most conditions

  • Single use

  • Easy to remove leaves no residue behind on strike plate

  • Cost effective


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NTOA Review:

Tab4life emergency personnel cards worked fairly well, they are very sticky and easy to apply. Durable and easily identifiable as to their purpose. I carried the pack in my shirt pocket for several weeks during hot days and they seemed to hold up well. Only a little bend on the end but the whole pack still serviceable. I tried on several self locking doors and the tabs worked on all. I highly recommend these tabs for inner city agencies with lots of apartments and self locking doors.  Read more here

Lifetabs are single use tabs that adhere to the strike plate on a door jam, preventing it from locking, enhancing first responder safety. The brightly colored tab not only allows access to backup units but also serves as an indicator as to the location of the officer. Lifetabs are especially useful in apartment complexes where there may be multiple doors of the same color or poorly numbered doors.

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Using Lifetabs to prevent doors from locking is more effective and safer than doormats, newspapers, flashlights and wood chocks!  "For Cops
by Cops"

Made in the USA / Patent Pending

Lifetabs are also great for FD and EMS
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